Reclaiming Your Masculine Energy

Most people think masculine and feminine energy is gender-oriented (such as a man being masculine and a woman being feminine). Our gender may gear us to have one form more dominant over another. However, at the end of the day, all of us have both.

The point of this post is to open the perception of your abilities as a person – regardless of gender. This post may emphasize women tapping into masculine power. Yet, the goal IS NOT to tell a woman to “be a man in a man’s world” nor vise versa. It is just not sustainable.

Instead, monitor yourself. Not in a judgy way but to observe which is your strength. Each energy should be thought of as a resource in a toolbox. Depending on the scenario needing fixing, you would reach for the energy that appropriately applies. Therefore, below are three tips on tapping into your masculine energy.

What’s the Difference?

Let’s understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy. Each chart below lists the characteristics of each:

Breaking Gender Roles

To reclaim masculine energy, open your mind. Social media is a medium to celebrate and support men wanting to paint their nails as well as women wanting to wear boxy suits. Gender fluidity and neutrality are more open and present than ever.

So when it comes to breaking the gender norms, do something that you have always deemed exclusive to the opposite sex. Cigar smoking, for example, is my favorite engagement. With a cigar in my hand, I feel emboldened, empowered, and powerful. I’m tapping into a pleasure that women tend to miss because societal norms have deemed it as solely a male activity. But it’s for everyone!

Another empowering activity is getting familiar with power tools. When I renovated two properties, I was neither the assistant nor a decorator. I relied on Youtube to learn new skills or problem-solve. By doing so, I didn’t rely on a counterpart to do ALL the physical labor.

Knowing how to hang a picture frame and install new molding is empowering for women and will change your perception of what you are capable of. The same applies to men. Understanding when to problem-solve versus listen, to empathize versus lead, and to connect versus move is vital to success in relationships and in life.

Channeling Both Energies

As briefly mentioned earlier. I like to think of energies (fem and mas) as superpowers that can be tapped into when needed. When I worked in an office, I learned how to use both entities to my advantage.

For example, moving with intention activated my masculine energy which inherently garnered more respect from my peers and confidence from my superiors.

My masculine energy allowed me to claim my space. On the flip side, I leveraged my feminine energy to build relationships or channel creativity. Both energies are needed to be successful in every aspect of our lives – inside and outside of work.

Be Present

One of my favorite lines from a movie is from the Bridge of Spies. Because feminine energy is reflective and vulnerable, it can cause us to worry a lot. In this scene, I love the conversation between two main characters who are about to embark on a dangerous exchange across a bridge:

James Donovan: Aren’t you worried?

Rudolf Abel: Would it help?

These two lines have been stuck in the back of my mind ever since. Whenever I feel angst arise or take over, I think of this and it helps me to stop and tap into rational reality by asking:

  • What can I do about this situation?
  • What else could this mean?
  • Are there other outside influences making me think/feel a certain way?

I hope this post helps you question if you are using all your power! If you are curious to know you dominent energy, take the energy test!

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