About Me

I have always had an affinity for animals and the environment. When playing house growing up, I had more interested in being the “aunt” or “sister” rather than a parent figure. I preferred stuffed animals and only had barbies to man the horse stables. Even though Mi Style Su Style was first created with fast fashion in mind, it wasn’t until years later that I shifted to a more purposeful focus than bringing eyes to a $5 t-shirt.

Slow fashion and conscious living is an individual journey that we do not have to go through alone. The goal of Mi Style Su Style is to create an atmosphere where we can make mistakes, grow as healing adults, and make better decisions for ourselves, the people around us, and the planet.

With Puerto Rican influence, my style focuses on accentuating curves, celebrating shapes, and embracing the sexiness of the feminine body. Jennifer’s variety of styles and editorial imagery, she hopes to inspire her audience to create more thoughtful choices when it comes to fashion.

Collaboration History

  • Synergy Organic Clothing
  • Ecco Bella
  • GoodFair
  • Consumed by Aja Barber

Commitment and Goals

For Earth Day in 2019, I discovered the impact of the fashion industry. Seeing how much pollution fast fashion contributed to the environment and the working conditions of workers overseas moved me to transition my brand to become a resource for her dedicated readers. By sharing my discoveries, mistakes, and successes, I hope my readers will enjoy listening to my journey. The more we demand from corporations as consumers, the more impact we will have on what is being sold to us.

The Research

Research is pivotal in the sustainable landscape due to the growing amount of Greenwashing. Therefore, I scan brands and read reviews with the following questions in mind:

  • Where are the products, ingredients, materials sourced?
  • What are the factory conditions and pay of the people who create these products?
  • What affect do these products have on the environment?
  • Does the brand adhere and commit to any guidelines, policies, laws, etc. that supports sustainability and human rights in the fashion industry?
  • Are these ingredients, materials, and products harmful for you?

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